Heaven & Earth Series


Statement: Heaven & Earth Series

A new paradigm of being is unfolding, here and now. Otherworldly beings are here to help. Will we listen? Are we ready? Are YOU ready to walk your truth? The time for waiting is past.

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Oz Series


Statement: Oz Series

windows, mirrors
buildings, doors.

tunnels, stairs
alleys, roads.

keys, locks
starts, stops.

the seeker navigates
the wizard’s labyrinth.

where the path can blur
the truth is obscured
and one must trust intuition.

oz in abstract.

Fractal/Dimension Series


Statement: Fractal/Dimension Series

fractal: “a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced- size copy of the whole”.

fractal geometry: a mathematical model invented by Beniot Mandelbrot for approximating dimensional reality using recursive mathematical formulae.

John von Neumann – a Hungarian American mathematician – theorized a self-replicating machine that could be used to grid, and thus map, the universe.

Terence McKenna – environmentalist, writer, and ethno-botanist – believed that a working example of the von Neumann machine has existed for billions of years:

— A biological technology that, in dormancy, can survive travel through the depths of space.
— An entity that, upon finding a favorable environment, can germinate, communicate, and awaken consciousness via symbiosis.

The fractal/dimension series is an exploration of the philosophical and mathematical underpinnings of n-dimensional reality.

Impressions Series


Statement: Impressions Series

(all pieces in this series are created using the impressions of pennies)

money, in intent and consequence,
impresses us.

subtly, imperceptibly, it leaves a mark.

materially worthless,
it has been awarded great value.

it compels us to action,
it compels us to wit.

a model for equality
that feeds on necessity and desire,
that rewards innovation and toil,
that rewards slight of psychological hand.

a zero-sum game without fixed supply.

the manifestation of the minds of men.
allocation transcends generations
and, more often than not,
dictates lot.

the impressions series
– figurative, literal –
explores the subconscious impact
of an abstract concept.

money’s impression
influences perception.


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