Wedding Story

Wedding Story

In the beginning, before Time
A crystal

So pure, so flawless
So clear, so lawless
So no need for law
There was nothing to fear.
Information everywhere.

Some say that the world was pure love
They say that Now
When Time is recognized.
Now, when there are words to speak.

And so a playful Crystal,
Bored with the Knowledge of All
Initiated an experiment
And cracked.

A Crystal schism.

Eons in the future, our story begins
In a land far, far away.

On a floating rock
Near a floating fireball
In a deep green forest
With Gravity.

A man on a tube
Lying back, on a floating river.

The man did not see the trees,
Or the bees,
Or the wise trickster billy-goat Pan,
For he is a man
Locked inside his big Brain-can.

The man chuckled as he thought,
If no man is an island,
When, pray tell, will the tide subside?

Across the forest, a princess
Who live in an alternate reality.
She dreamed of the day when all
The shards of the Crystal would reunite.

She believed that to realize
The Big Reunite
She must collect as many of the large, flashy,
Multi-faceted, E-color-grade, flawless,
Princess-cut crystal pieces as she could,
To keep them from getting misplaced. 😉

She, the Pixie,
Talked often with Pan
And greeted every passer-by
With a smile and a sprinkle
Of magical pixie dust.

She is very old, very wise,
In a very young sort of way.

Her ears in tune
With the hum of the stones
And the creak of the bones
Of the trees in the breeze.

She knows the frequencies
Of Mother Earth.

So she played that day
Like every other day
In the meadow by the river
With the filtered light.

While Pan played his flutes
She dreamed of a Prince
That was out there floating,

And, what do you know,
Out into the lovely meadow
Floated the man.

Thinking his way down the river
About chefs and wines
And fine dining with views.
Of ‘boarding and cycling,
Sampling brews.

Of producing bands
And buying land.
Of following bards
For weeks on end.

And, exhausted of that, of ashrams,
With Aurobindo
And that Gandhi man.

When two worlds collide
One world results
.And with our travelers
This was so.

One Life began from the meeting
Of two souls
Down on the riverbank
In the lovely, shaded meadow.

Where the Pixie found her Prince,
And the Prince found
His Northern Star.

For she twinkled bright
With the Light of Love.

And so our story ends
And another begins
Of new lives to come
From the collision of two lives
Becoming One.

Of the trials and tribulations,
Of the ups and downs,
A Life in pursuit of the Eternal.

The pursuit of learning the Secret
Of what a world will be like
When the people who have gathered
The shards of the Crystal
Decide, unanimously,
To see the pieces reunite.

The marriage, the symbolic act,
The ritual we perform
To acknowledge that Knowing
And reassure ourselves that
One wold of Unbounded Love
Is worth the strife of Life.