Oneness is everything. Consciousness is everything, without judgement. Oneness … Consciousness.

We are one with everything. Every molecule in the universe is conscious. We are one with the infinite space between the molecules of everything. The molecules are the embodiment of consciousness, consciousness observing itself, experiencing itself in material reality.

So what prevents me from perceiving that I am one with it all, you ask? All conclusions, decisions, and judgements you hold as true that are contrary to just being with the oneness. It really is that simple.

Right, you say? But seriously, why don’t I perceive everything going on around me always, know everything there is to know? What if you actually do, but you have erected energetic barriers to shut out all of those perceptions, all of that knowing, all that you could receive from the infinitely abundant conscious universe simply because it does not align with how you have decided things should be?

Your point of view dictates what can show up in your reality, not the other way around. If you have the belief that you are not the infinite being that you truly be, then that conclusion itself will limit you from ever knowing and being you.

You think you are a man or a woman, but what if you are an Infinite Being with a male, or female, body? What if thinking itself — the boundaries of the cognitive mind — is what limits your perception, your knowing, your receiving, and ultimately you being the infinite being you be?

Many have attempted to communicate this in many different ways. Power of Now, transcending the mind, etc., etc. Access Consciousness™ is the modality that has worked for me, providing practical tools allow me to become more aware of me. Simple tools that don’t require a guru … only a willingness to look at all those conclusions I’ve have held as true about what life should or shouldn’t be and to eradicate the points of view that don’t really work for me and, as it be, oneness itself.

Change is easy. Change is choice. Change is will.

Changing you will change everything.