To be immortal. To be remembered. Ahhh… How many of you are seeking immortality?

So what does immortality mean to you? Do you wish to do something that will never be forgotten? Do you have a set of criteria by which you live? Do you find yourself having to take a stand on every issue to determine how you will be remembered? Do you find that for every choice you make, you have to determine what the right or best choice will be to be in line with what you have decided you have to be, how you must live your life, in order to be remembered the right way? To leave your mark? To leave your legacy?

Have you concluded that you live as long as you are remembered…when you are finally forgotten, that’s it? In order to have lived a life worth living, do you have to have your name on a brick, a plaque, a wall, a book, a song? To have a statue erected in your name? To create a structure so enduring that it will stand the test of time?

Have you been a martyr? Do you stand on principles?

What if you are one with the infinite being? Would you, in oneness, ever actually die? And if you never actually die, wouldn’t that make you immortal? Without having anything to do?

What if by not having to be remembered, by allowing yourself to be anonymous, you could finally be and do what is fun for you? You could finally stop the incessant figuring out where you stood on everything, figuring out what you need to do in order to be remembered, judging whether you are succeeding or failing nonstop 24/7? What if you had nothing to prove?

What would it take for you to be anonymous – without name or definition? What would it take for you to truly allow yourself to acknowledge you, the infinite being you truly be? For in oneness, could anything actually ever be forgotten?

What if attempting to do something that will be remembered actually locks out all of the aspects of you that cannot be validated by this reality and keeps you from being the unique gift of you?

Interesting point of view?

What would you be and do differently if you knew that you were immortal, that you could never be forgotten? Would you allow yourself?