Earth – The Washing Machine of Consciousness

Planet Earth…weird place, eh? It is so beautiful, so magical. The molten core erupts to create new land. The water falls from the sky, flows down streams, hydrates the plants, returns to ocean, evaporates, and does it all over again. It cleanses us and sustains our bodies. It breaks down the rock to soil to sand.

The plants drink the water and consume our gaseous waste, recycling back the air for us to breathe. They produce fruits and vegetables, food for nourishing our bodies. The sun warms us, the wind moves the clouds about, the atmosphere protects us, the moon tugs the tides. The eagles soar, the whales boom forth with haunting song, the jellyfish float along, the stars shine truth from the depths of space/time.

And then you have all these people. Running around, doing stuff…and more stuff…and more stuff. Huh? Talking about what the right stuff is and the wrong stuff. The agendas, to-do lists, the plans for tomorrow, the traps from yesterday…

The thing is, in Oneness, in Consciousness, all that is is Now. Always. There is nothing else.

Jesus said, “Judge not, lest ye’ be judged”. What if it really is just as simple as that? Every thought, every conclusion, every judgement of what is that takes you from Oneness with Now creates separation in you from you, the Oneness that is.

So what if Planet Earth is simply the washing machine for the Soul. Where we are all acting out our conclusionary separation until we realize that it has nothing to do with getting it right, it is about becoming aware. Aware of the places where we’ve created separation from ourselves, our friends, our neighbors, our environment, our planet…from the Consciousness, the Oneness, that is. Until which time we are willing to look at the conclusions we have deemed true/right/good, and simply, energetically, let go of all of those points of view. Like, “Enough already!” 🙂

So are you willing to tune in? What have you put yourself in relationship to? Money? Your body? Your business, your family, your lover, your God?

When you look at each of your relationships, at the places where things are not quite working for you, do you see any threads of commonality? What bothers you, angers you, spirals you into endless mental loops of self-criticism?

Not enough money? Not enough sex? Not enough loving? Do you believe that you, just being you, are not enough?

Stupid car! Stupid husband! Stupid wife! Stupid job! Stupid dog! Are you trying to prove that everything is stupid because somewhere, deep down, you bought the lie that you are stupid? What if you were so not-even-close to being stupid that the notion that you have to prove that your NOT is absolutely ridiculous? Because it is…

What if none of what is happening here in this reality, here on Planet Earth, is about what is being done to you? What if the Cosmic play is about returning you to being in harmony with all that is, by serving up, in every relationship, indicators of where you have separated from you?

When will you be willing to love the Oneness – the totality – the good, bad, and the ugly – of you? When will you allow the washing machine of Consciousness to return you to you?