Energy and Healing


My path to the realization and acknowledgement of my healing capacities was through the abstract. Throughout my life, I have insatiably consumed information, seeking Truth in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, physics, psychology, and spiritual writings and practices. Finding seeds of Truth in all the worlds religions, I was forever skeptical of dogma and any hierarchical relationship with the Divine. 

My inner knowing and dissatisfaction with the status quo in life led me to Access Consciousness, a modality and tool-based approach to Consciousness that brought the esoteric into practical realization. This work reconnected me with truths of my own — that I am, to the core, an artist, creator, energy worker and healer. Tuning in to this knowing breathed new life into my artwork and moved me to work with others seeking Self, Awareness, and a realization of Oneness.

Furthering my self-exploration with Rikka Zimmerman’s ‘Adventures In Oneness’ platform, and simultaneously facilitating classes through Access Consciousness since early 2012, the unlocking has brought me home to a new trust in me.

I am the creator of my life and everything in it.  Now is all that is.  Every interaction is an opportunity to acknowledge where I have agreed to limitation and open myself up to the Divine flow.  Infinite possibility is available if we allow it.  To Be completely vulnerable in every present moment is the key to shifting reality.  There is nothing wrong, never has been, and never will be.  Simple, elegant, miraculous.  

I am available to be the energy and space required, the illuminator of limitation, should you be interested in tuning in to your presence and divine flow.